wear your weapons

July 31, 2017

wear your weapons

We are all WIRED FOR FREEDOM. We were created to live a life of purpose and freedom, but when we believe a lie, we empower the liar. These lies get entangled in with the truth and the reality of who God is and who we are becomes distorted. Believing lies affects our mindsets which affects our behaviors and the way we live our lives. Fear, insecurity, addiction are all rooted in these lies. My prayer is that when you wear my pieces, your mind would be transformed, and the lies you’ve believed would be destroyed. With each word or symbol you choose, I’ve chosen a scripture to claim over yourself. The word of God is one of our greatest weapons. And it’s not just about the bible, but the one who is THE WORD, Jesus. These truths are yours to own! You are WIRED FOR FREEDOM!

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